Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Contractors PittsburghCreate a backyard oasis with an Outdoor Kitchen and living area.

An outdoor living space gives you a special place to prepare meals in your outdoor kitchen, enjoy them in an alfresco setting, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful Pittsburgh weather with family and friends.

Would you like a dream kitchen for outdoor dining and entertaining from spring through fall? Would you like to enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace on your patio? How about a place to keep all the toys when they’re not being used?

When planning an outdoor living area, the process is very similar to planning an extra room addition. Every little detail must be mapped out, drawn to scale, and included in the plans. Taking your time in the planning and design stage will save many hours and much headache down the road. Rodney Beck has been helping clients to enjoy living in the outdoors of their homes for over 25 years. Rodney can make your outdoor living dreams a beautiful reality.


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We are looking forward to working with you to make your outdoor living dreams come true.