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Home Additions, Room Additions, Garage Additions – Can you tell where the addition is? At Beck Renovate and Remodel, we specialize in matching the new addition to your existing home in such a way that you can’t tell it’s new construction.

We’ve grown up in Pittsburgh and we know Pittsburgh homes. We know that you may have growing family needs, but you also have great Pittsburgh neighbors and you may not want to move. If you need more living space, have you thought of building a home addition instead?

Create what you really want, right where you are. Together we can create your dream home on the inside, with an addition that is seamless from the outside.

More often than not, you will save money by designing and building a home addition rather than incurring the cost and stress of buying and moving into another home. Renovations will save you the hassle of listing, staging, showing, and selling your existing home, and may also increase its value.


Questions? Please contact Beck Renovate and Remodel today at (412) 389-5093, to discuss your need for additional space in your home, or request a Free Estimate. Thank you!

We are looking forward to working with you to make your dream home come true.